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Dear traveler, this page offers the information about all excursions that we organize. These excursions have regular schedule with regular and exact departures. If You are interested in any kind of special excursion, where the itinerary can be changed according to Your extra requests, please contact us. We will definitely find something for You!




Dubrovnik Panorama & City Tour

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For Your photo album and good introductory to Dubrovnik, we can take You for a tour to the center of everything Dubrovnik  historically represents, the Old Town, and uphill to put Your cameras  into use while snapping some fantastic shots. Enjoy a drive up the coastal road for a spectacular view of the ancient  city walls, red roof tops and the surrounding sparkling blue of the  Adriatic Take pleasure in exploring Dubrovnik's treasure, walking along its cobbled streets; all in the company of a local guide revealing  treasures of Dubrovnik's past and present.




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Mediterranean pearl, unique in many ways, and a place  that will not leave You indifferent. While visiting Dubrovnik, You have  the opportunity to visit Montenegro for a day. A small country  attracting with its magnificent mountains rising above the Adriatic Sea, filled with natural beauty, clear lakes, fast rivers and serene  beaches. Enjoy exploring Montenegro's contrasting nature attractions, interesting history, culture, tradition, good weather and clean air.




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While in Dubrovnik, we offer You yet another opportunity  for visiting a neighbouring country; Bosnia & Herzegovina. A  memorable place to visit is Mostar where "east meets west". The journey itself is invigoratingly full of contrasts. Just a short drive  up the Adriatic coast and a turn towards inner land leads You through  the Neretva Valley. This is the place where the Neretva River enriches the land bringing to our senses the colours and scents from the mandarin and kiwi  plantations. Enjoy a tour of Mostar, also known as the "melting pot of cultures". Explore the cobbled stone streets of the city where the Neretva River divides cultures and religions and where the differences and contrasts can be seen not only through architecture.




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Another memorable place to visit in Bosnia &  Herzegovina, and, if in search, to satisfy Your spiritual and religious desires, is Medjugorje. In search for a peaceful sanctuary to express  faith and prayer, people from all around the world visit the Shrine of  Medjugorje. This is a place where You can find peace for heart and soul. Explore the Legend of Medjugorje and its three spiritual zones - the  Church, the hill of Virgin Mary Appearance and the Cross Mountain.



Korcula Island & Peljesac Peninsula

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Spend a day exploring the beautiful green scenery and blue bays of the Peljesac peninsula where You can enjoy extraordinary tastes of Dalmatian wine and cuisine. The region is world-famous for its wines  and sea shells. Then hop onto Korcula Island to walk around and discover the historical sights of yet another fortified town.  We can take You on a day trip and show You the most southern Croatian  coast.



Elaphite Islands

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While visiting Dubrovnik in the summer, exploring the  Elaphite Islands is something You do not want to miss and a whole day should be reserved for this. Walking through the small white-stoned  island towns surrounded with unspoilt lush green nature, swimming in the clear blue sparkling waters of the Adriatic Sea and indulging in lavish local cuisine and wine - a true delight for all Your senses. Even though this cruise gives You just a small glimpse of what Croatia offers, it is one of the best ways to explore and get a taste of the country.



Trsteno & Ston - Mediterranean gardens

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Croatia's lush nature offers another two great places to see - Trsteno Arboretum and Ston town walls &  shellfish bays. Let us take You for a short and pleasant drive to  explore the beautiful and varied green scenery of Trsteno. A place that You do not want to miss exploring is the town of Ston. Explore the second  longest stone walls in the World that surround Ston, and the blue bays of the Peljesac peninsula where you will want to indulge in the extraordinary tastes of Dalmatian wine and cuisine. Peljesac peninsula  is world-known for its wines and shellfish.



Countryside Delights

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Let us recommend a festive trip to one of Croatia's  countryside konoba's to experience Dalmatian specialties and  complemented with country home atmosphere. Indulge your senses with: heart-warming home-made rakija (brandy) and  dried figs, a plate of local prsut (smoked ham-prosciutto) and cheese, a lavish  Ispod peke (Under the bell) meat or octopus dish baked for many hours in the komin (fireplace) accompanied with some of our local wine.
You will leave wanting to return soon!



Mljet Island

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Mljet is an enchanted island, one of Croatia's National parks that will definitely exceed Your expectations. The lavish green  nature, two magnificent blue salt water lakes and the extraordinary  small island in the middle of one of the lakes will take Your breath away. Most return to the "real  world" with the opinion: Mljet is Paradise on Earth. Enjoy exploring the most southern Croatian coast on a private cruise to Mljet Island.